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Polymer Library

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"Welcome to the Polymer Library, covering the science, technology and business of polymers."

Polymer Library (formerly Rapra Abstracts) is the only database in the world which is dedicated exclusively to information on rubbers, plastics, adhesives and polymeric composites. There are more than 700,000 records in the database from 1972 to the present, covering commercial, marketing, technical and academic aspects of the rubber and plastics industry.

Source material for the database is selected from more than 500 journals in a wide range of languages from 30 different countries including North America, Australia, Europe, Japan, and China. Source material is also collected from books, technical reports and trade literature. In 1994, patent information relating to rubber and plastics industries was added to the database.


Subject Coverage


All aspects of the science, technology and business of polymers are covered for the industries that produce and use them.

Science : Polymerisation and Synthesis; Processing and Treatment; Raw Materials and Monomers; Compounding Ingredients; Adhesives and Coatings; Properties and Testing; Composite Materials and Additives.

Technology : End-use Applications; Processing and Treatment; Machinery; Test Equipment; Intermediate & Semi-finished Products; Additives.

Business : Commercial Information; Health and Safety; Legislation Environmental Issues; Markets and Statistics; Trade Names; Product Announcements.


Major areas of coverage include :


  • Additives and Compounding Ingredients
  • Applications of Polymers
  • Economic and Commercial Information
  • Environmental and Industrial Hazards/Toxicity
  • Industrial Organisation/Administration
  • Legislation and Regulations
  • Machinery and Test Equipment
  • Natural Rubber Cultivation
  • Polymeric Materials and Monomers
  • Properties and Testing
  • Synthesis, Polymerisation and Chemical Modification


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