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Book Data online

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Éditeur : Book Data

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Références bibliographiques et commerciales

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Bibliographique, résumé, images…

Nombre de données : Plus de 10 000 libraires

Sujet(s) : Edition en Grande-Bretagne et en Irlande


The most comprehensive database available of books in print in the UK and Ireland, including tiles recently out of print and forthcoming up to a year in advance. Details of other published media (CD-ROM, audio cassette, video) are also included.

The service offers a far greater depth of information than any comparable service (far more than we can put on our own CD product, for instance). Key features include:

  • Standard bibliographic information
  • Text summaries
  • Subject classifications using the structured BIC Standard Subject Categories - over 2000 separate classifications arranged hierarchically to allow for any level of searching from very broad (The Arts) to highly specific (Lacquerwork).
  • Tables of contents
  • Literary awards and promotional information - TV tie-ins, award nominees, shortlist and winners.
  • Jacket images
  • Stock information from all major UK wholesalers including Bertrams, Gardners and THE, Easons and Hughes in Ireland, as well as US wholesalers
  • Publisher and distributor contact details worldwide

    Powerful searching

    Over 40 search fields are separately indexed and available for searching in any combination. Powerful keyword searching allows quick and simple database interrogation across all text fields with a single search. The service has been specifically designed to offer very fast and straightforward search and retrieval, even for sophisticated queries. The pay-off for this is that you will notice the site is laid out very straightforwardly, without frames and with a minimum of images and few exciting graphic features.


    Publisher and Imprint Database

    A fully searchable database of publishers and their imprints: details provided include:

  • name, address, telephone, fax and email
  • parent company
  • imprints published
  • distributors
  • country / location
  • WWW address
  • The database is searchable via name or keywords, location or distributor, among others.


    Distributors and Suppliers

    This database contains details of over 10,000 book distributors, wholesalers and library suppliers, searchable by name and location. Wholesalers and library suppliers are separately identifiable. As well as full contact information, links are provided to all imprints distributed.

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