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Wiley registry of mass spectral data (DATABASE)

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Éditeur : John Wiley

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Physique, chimie

Langue : Anglais


With more spectra and more searchable chemical structures than any other comparable publication, this new Ninth Edition is an essential reference for every analytical lab helping researchers fully leverage their mass spectrometry assets. TheWiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data’sextensive coverage includes pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, poisons, pesticides,steroids, natural products, chemical warfare agents,and environmental pollutants, enabling you to confidently identify or confirm the composition and chemical structure of hundreds of thousandsof compounds. Your license to this unparalleled database enables your lab to support a broad range of critical applications, including: · Toxicology, forensics, and pathology · Homeland security · Pharmaceutical research · Industrial R&D and quality assurance · Environmental health and safety · Food safety Everything researchers need to identify the composition and chemical structure of thousands of compounds, including: 662,862 Spectra 70,714 Replicate Spectra 592,148 Compounds 565,135 Spectra with Searchable Structures

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