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Topics in Stereochemistry (EBOOK)

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Éditeur : John Wiley

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Physique, chimie

Langue : Anglais


This seminal series, first edited by Ernest Eliel, responsible for some of the major advances in stereochemistry and the winner of the ACS Priestley Medal in 1996, provides coverage of the major developments of the field of stereochemistry. The scope of this series is broadly defined to encompass all fields of chemical and biological sciences that are founded on molecular and supramolecular interactions. Insofar as chemical, physical, and biological properties are determined by molecular shape and structure, the importance of stereochemistry is fundamental to and consequential for all natural sciences. Topics in Stereochemistry serves as a multidisciplinary series that enriches all of chemistry. Aimed at advanced students, university professors and teachers as well as researchers in pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotechnological, polymer, materials, and fine chemical industries, Topics in Stereochemistry publishes definitive and scholarly reviews in stereochemistry and has long been recognized as the gold standard reference work in this field. Covering the effect of chirality on all aspects of molecular interaction from the fundamental physical chemical properties of molecules and their molecular physics to the application of chirality in new areas such as its applications in materials science, Topics in Stereochemistry explores a wide variety of properties, both physical and chemical of isomers with a view to their applications in a number of disciplines from biochemistry to materials science. From 1967 until 1993, Topics in Stereochemistry appeared in 21 volumes edited by Ernest Eliel with assistance in part from Lou Allinger (1967 – 1986) and Sam Wilen (1982 – 1993). For five years, there was a short dormancy in this series, but not the field. It soon became clear that the empowering tools of stereochemistry (analysis and synthesis) would soon parallel the importance of stereochemistry’s conceptual basis. Such a development required a renewed platform from which stereochemistry, broadly defined, could be presented. The series was revitalized in 1998 by Scott E. Denmark who edited two volumes single-handedly and commissioned a third on Materials Chemistry. Jay S. Siegel joined forces with Scott E. Denmark in 2005 as co-Editors-in-Chief of this series. Topics in Stereochemistry continues to meet the needs of scientists by providing state of the art reviews in a combination of special-themed and general-advances issues. Stereochemistry has increasingly important industrial applications with its effects on the physical properties of materials, polymers, liquid crystals and other materials and its role in areas such as drug discovery and synthetic chemistry.

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