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Progress in Inorganic Chemistry (EBOOK)

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Éditeur : John Wiley

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Physique, chimie

Langue : Anglais


Progress in Inorganic Chemistry is a cornerstone of Wiley's inorganic chemistry program, providing a regular forum for carefully researched reports that review major developments in inorganic chemistry. With contributions from internationally renowned scientists, the series enables you to keep track and understand the significance of key discoveries in inorganic chemistry. Cutting-edge reviews are offered in such areas as chemical biology, bioinorganic chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and organometallic chemistry. Progress in Inorganic Chemistry mirrors the great diversity of modern inorganic chemistry. A single volume may feature key research reviews on topics as diverse as myoglobin, kinetics of nucleobase reactions, trivalent uranium, and stereochemical aspects of inorganic complexes. edited by such eminent scientists as Stephen J. Lippard and F. Albert Cotton, both National Medal of Science Winners, this series has played a key role in defining the field. "This series is distinguished not only by its scope and breadth, but also by the depth and quality of the reviews." -Journal of the American Chemical Society. "[This series] has won a deservedly honored place on the bookshelf of the chemist attempting to keep afloat in the torrent of original papers on inorganic chemistry."

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