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The Spilker Report

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Éditeur : Prous Science

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Pharmacie, pharmacologie

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Texte intégral

Sujet(s) : Industrie pharmaceutique et biotechnologie


The Spilker ReportTM guides pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals by offering specialized insights into regulatory affairs, clinical trials and drug development. It is designed to empower company professionals to reach their goal of shortening drug development time and improving internal efficiency.

Dr. Bert Spilker, one of the world's foremost pharmaceutical authorities on drug development, shares valuable knowledge and viewpoints acquired from his many years in regulatory affairs and the pharmaceutcal industry. His columns are designed to sharpen skills, stimulate discussion and educate.

The Spilker ReportTM offers a unique approach to strategic management by presenting specific ideas, pointers, and tips to help with the many regulatory affairs, clinical trials, and drug development management issues that are sure to arise.

Key knowledge areas addressed in The Spilker ReportTM are:

Regulatory Affairs
Comments on pertinent issues in Regulatory Affairs.
"Enhancing your Regulatory Agency Meetings" is a special feature, in which specific methods to make the most of your valuable time in regulatory meetings are shared.

Clinical Trials
Addresses key issues in Clinical Trial development and processes.

Management Issues
Targets issues to maximize investments and results.

Guest columns, where opinion leaders give specialized, expert advice on relevant issues.

The Spilker ReportTM is a quarterly publication available in both traditional print and electronic formats. Dialogue is encouraged and readers are asked to submit pertinent questions or comments to be presented in subsequent issues. Suggestions for future columns are also welcome.

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