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Handbook on Injectable Drugs

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Éditeur : Pharmaceutical Press

Support : Internet

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Pharmacie, pharmacologie

Langue : Anglais


Published by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The Handbook on Injectable Drugs, 15th edition, is the most recent contribution in this continuing series. With its publication, all previous editions are considered out of date. This edition adds over 100 new references and 13 new monographs.

For proper use of this reference work, the reader must review the How to Use the Handbook section in the preliminary text. This section will acquaint the user of the Handbook with its organization, content, structure, summarization strategy, interpretation of the information presented, and limitations of the published literature on which the Handbook is based. Without a good working knowledge of these points, the Handbook may not be used to its best advantage or even interpreted correctly.

The Handbook on Injectable Drugs is a collection of summaries of information from the published literature on the pharmaceutics of parenteral medications as applied to the clinical setting. The Handbook is constructed from information derived from 2723 references with the information presented in the standardized structure described below. The purpose of the Handbook is to facilitate the use of this clinical pharmaceutics research by knowledgeable health care professionals for the benefit of patients. The summary information from published research is supplemented with information from the labeling of each product and from other references.

The information base summarized in the Handbook on Injectable Drugs is large and highly complex, requiring thoughtful consideration for proper use. The Handbook is not, nor should it be considered, elementary in nature or a primer. A single quick glance in a table is not adequate for proper interpretation of this highly complex information base. Proper interpretation includes the obvious need to consider and evaluate all relevant research information and results. Additionally, information on the formulation components, product attributes (especially pH), and the known stability behaviors of each parenteral drug, as well as the clinical situation of the patient, must be included in a thoughtful, reasoned evaluation of clinical pharmaceutics questions.

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