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Internationale Bibliographie der geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschiftenliteratur (IBZ)

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Éditeur : Walter de Gruyter

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Lettres, sciences humaines et sociales

Langue : Allemand


International Bibliography of Periodical Literature in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The bibliography IBZ has been the leading international and interdisciplinary reference work documenting academic periodical literature in the humanities, social sciences and related fields for over a hundred years. The spectrum of subjects covered is unrivalled: in no other database are academic journals from so many fields covered. Publications from 40 countries in more than 40 languages are taken into consideration. The articles are analyzed for subject content based on the "Schlagwortnormdatei" published by the German National Library. You will have instant access to a multiplicity of topics irrespective of the original language of an indexed article.

The database IBZ now lists more than 3.2 million journal articles from 10,700 journals. Every year some 120,000 entries are added. The database is updated monthly. IBZ Online now includes abstracts. Journal issues from past years are also considered. Articles in IBZ are linked to the online document ordering system and can be ordered via the SFX-Button, leads to the Common Union Catalogue (GVK). Here you can request the document through Inter Library Loan (ILL).

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