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Library of Latin Texts

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Éditeur : Brepols Publishers

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Lettres, sciences humaines et sociales

Langue : Multilingue

Type de ressource : Texte intégral

Nombre de données : plus de 53 millions de mots provenant de plus de 2800 œuvres attribuées à quelques 860 auteurs

Sujet(s) : Littérature de l


Patristic and medieval Latin literature from the second to fifteenth centuries.

The purpose of the Library of Latin Texts (CLCLT) is to produce a database comprising all patristic and medieval texts covering authors of the second to the fifteenth centuries. With the publication of CLCLT-5, the inclusion of Neo-Latin texts begins to expand its coverage beyond the latter of these chronological boundaries.

The texts which are incorporated are selected in function of the state of current research. Independent research is then undertaken to verify facts relating to the text, such as the veracity of the authorial attribution or the dating. Further, errors in word-forms from the printed version are corrected.

The database comprises almost all works published in the Corpus Christianorum, both Series Latina and Continuatio Mediaeualis, the literature from Antiquity Bibliotheca scriptorum Romanorum Teubneriana and 600,000 words for the modern period. An important number of works have been taken from other collections such as the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum, Sources Chrétiennes, Migne’s Patrologia, Acta Sanctorum, Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi.

CLCLT is the world's leading database for Latin texts. It contains texts from the beginning of Latin literature (Livius Andronicus, 240 BC) through to the texts of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). It covers all the works from the classical period, the most important patristic works, a very extensive corpus of Medieval Latin literature as well as works of recentior latinitas. The complete works of writers such as Cicero, Virgil, Augustine, Jerome, Gregory the Great, Anselm of Canterbury, Bernard of Clairvaux and Thomas à Kempis can thus be consulted. The texts have been taken from the Corpus Christianorum series and from many other leading editions.

Each search-query shows the results in the context of a sentence, but from here the user can consult the whole text of the work.

Each work kept has been the subject of a historical and philological examination and is accompanied by a didactical 'memento' which supplies chronological, bibliographical, critical and statistical information. All relevant Clavis Patrum Latinorum entries have been fully integrated.

In total, CLCLT contains over 47 million Latin words.

The Library of Latin Texts is produced under the academic supervision of Professor Em. Paul Tombeur of the Centre « Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium » (CTLO). CLCLT 1 to 4 have been developed in collaboration with Cetedoc.

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