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Concordance Occitan Médiéval

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Éditeur : Brepols Publishers

Support : CD-Rom

Catégorie :

Lettres, sciences humaines et sociales

Langue : Multilingue

Type de ressource : Texte intégral

Sujet(s) : Littérature médiévale occitane


A database that will give access to the total corpus of Occitan literature

Occitan is a language whose prestige over three centuries is universally recognised in the area of Romance studies. It thus became a priority to consider the feasibility of inputting all texts into computer so that it would become possible to search for any possible word-form. The Concordance of Medieval Occitan brings together the entire corpus of Occitan texts from the first attestations to the end of the fifteenth century.

The approach was to divide the database into three tranches. The first tranche (COM-1) will contain the poetry of the troubadours, taken from critical editions. The second tranche will give non-lyric texts in verse and the third tranche will give non-lyric texts in prose. A further tranche consists of a database containing the totality of each of the troubadour chansonniers, with, alongside the edited interpretative version of the poems, a semi-diplomatic rendering which respects the word breaks and other elements as found in the manuscript.

The database of texts is present on the disk in addition to the pre-prepared concordance so that there is facility to move from the listed occurrences to the particular text which is being targeted.

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