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Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature

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Éditeur : Brepols Publishers

Support : CD-Rom

Catégorie :

Lettres, sciences humaines et sociales

Langue : Multilingue

Type de ressource : Texte intégral

Nombre de données : Plus de 400 mots latins issus de 100 auteurs et anonymes

Sujet(s) : Corpus de la littérature latine issue du monde celtique d'Europe


The corpus of Latin literature produced in Celtic-speaking Europe In the early Middle Ages, literate men in and from the Celtic periphery of Europe (Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and Scotland) wrote many and varied Latin works constituting a distinctive literature called ‘one of the most curious and interesting phenomena of medieval philology’. In an attempt to codify this usage, the Royal Irish Academy has been working towards producing a computer based Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources.

With the launch of the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature (ACLL-1) these texts become valuable not only to the lexicographer but also to scholars in other disciplines such as editors of texts, syntacticians, historians interested in the transmission of ideas and texts, researchers into the geographical or chronological distribution of usages.

The first release, ACLL-1, contains texts from important authors such as St. Patrick, Augustinus Hibernicus, Columbanus, Sedulius Scottus, John Scottus Eriugena, Peter Abelard. Over one hundred saints’ lives are included as well as many theological works, liturgical, legislative and penitential works and inscriptions. More than 400 Latin works from over 100 known and unknown authors are included.

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