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Record of World Events

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Éditeur : Keesings Worldwide

Support : Internet

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Histoire, sciences politiques et actualités

Langue : Anglais


"Comprehensive, accurate and concise reporting of world events since 1931"


Keesings Record of World Events is researched, written and edited each month by our own editorial staff based in Cambridge, UK. It evolved from the weekly Keesings Contemporary Archives, founded in Amsterdam in 1931 and together, these two publications comprise the unbroken 76 year Keesings world news archive.

Each monthly edition of Keesings Record of World Events is the result of our work collecting and reviewing over 1,000 news reports from all over the world each day. We then apply a strict and rigorous editorial examination to this material, using regional experts to evaluate, compare, select, translate, authenticate, and ultimately condense it into about 150 or so clear and concise original articles each month. Thus, on average, each of our articles is derived from some 200 separate news reports which have been stripped of verbiage, bias and error, in order to distil the true essence of what happened in the world during any particular month.

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