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Thesaurus Lingua Latinae

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Éditeur : Gale Cengage Learning

Support : CD-Rom

Catégories :

Encyclopédies, ouvrages de référence

Lettres, sciences humaines et sociales

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Texte intégral

Sujet(s) : Dictionnaire de latin classique, connaissances sur l


This "Treasure chamber of Latin language" is not only the largest dictionary of classical Latin, it puts our knowledge of classical antiquity on a completely different footing:

  • it was developed upon the basis of all existing classical Latin texts (until 600 A.D.), both literary and non-literary
  • it offers all collected references for rare words, and an instructive, representative selection for the rest, (marked with a )
  • it lists all meanings (including meanings specific to the terminology of particular fields) and all constructions
  • it documents peculiarities of inflection, spelling and prosody
  • it provides information on the etymology of each Latin word and its survival in Romance languages
  • it compiles comments from Antiquity referring to the respective terms

In most cases the examples from classical texts are presented with so much context, that it is unnecessary for the user to turn to the original editions; however, should it be necessary, the references are so precise that they can be verified with ease -- the reliable tool for doing so being the Index librorum.

For every Latin term the Thesaurus offers a comprehensive, richly documented presentation of its possible uses and its history -- for scholars of the various specialist fields of classical studies and of related disciplines.

For this reason the Thesaurus (an international project by 26 academies from no less than 19 countries and 3 continents) represents an essential, universal philological tool.

In addition to the well-established book edition of the Thesaurus, a CD version with identical text is now available. The CD offers optimal access to this outstanding work, making it clearer, easier to read, and answering questions more quickly -- some of which can only now be asked of the lexicon at all.

The printed text has not only been reproduced electronically, it has also been very thoroughly coded. In addition, special software was developed. Besides having the full text search at his or her disposal, the user may chose between a wealth of access, search and navigation possibilities, e.g.:

  • calling up a particular passage in the Thesaurus through selecting the volume, column and line number
  • calling up a particular article via lemma list or entering the lemma
  • search if and where a particular reference occurs in an article (via alphabetically arranged citation view)
  • calling up an outline of the structure of a particular Thesaurus article (outline view)
  • details of a citation through simply clicking
  • calling up an internal Thesaurus cross-reference through simply clicking
  • search in individual sections of the Thesaurus article (e.g. the article heading or parts thereof)

The 2nd CD-ROM edition covers all articles of the dictionary starting with the letter F published until the end of 2002: these are the words from the letters F to M, O and P to pictio? and porta to propos. This means that 89 of the 154 fascicles published until then are now available in electronic form.

The list of citations, the Index librorum, is also integrated in the CD-ROM. Hyperlinks lead from the references in the articles to the entries in the Index. In addition, the Index on the CD-ROM can be used "like a book".

The electronic publication of all parts of the Thesaurus printed until now (A to M, O, P) will be completed with TLL 3 (planned for the end of 2004). Further versions of the CD-ROM TLL will then systematically cover the respective letters planned for the coming years.

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