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Expanded Academic ASAP

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Éditeur : Gale Cengage Learning

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Encyclopédies, ouvrages de référence


Histoire, sciences politiques et actualités

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Résumé, texte intégral et image

Nombre de données : Plus de 5 000

Sujet(s) : Sciences humaines et sociales, Sciences et technologies, Journaux nationaux, magazines généralistes, le New York Times.


A premier database for research in all the academic disciplines! Unparalleled in its depth and scope, this premier database offers balanced coverage of every academic concentration -- from advertising and microbiology to history and women's studies. Combining indexing, abstracts, full text and images, Expanded Academic ASAP delivers answers for both the novice and the experienced researcher -- all in one seamless search. Subscribe to this comprehensive resource through InfoTracWeb and your library gains 24-hour, remote access to the right academic sources through your preferred interface with the right technical configuration for your needs.

The scope and depth of coverage in Expanded Academic ASAP will satisfy the broad spectrum of students, faculty and graduate researchers who depend on your library for answers every day. Balanced coverage is available through 3,500 indexed and 1,900 full-text titles in a wide variety of disciplines including: social science journals, humanities journals, science and technology journals, national news periodicals, general interest magazines, newswires, The New York Times and many others. More than 1,400 journals are peer reviewed, and more than 20 years of backfile coverage are included with your subscription.

Expanded Academic ASAP Plus

Through a unique partnership between Gale and Ingenta, InfoTrac Web provides seamless access to electronic journals in a familiar, easy-to-use interface. The integrated collection allows searching and access to articles from more than 4,500 scholarly journals, based on the institution's subscriptions. Access to Ingenta content is free of charge to customers of Expanded Academic ASAP.

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