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DYABOLA is a navigable and source-oriented text and image registration system, which is equipped with a semantic network, a syntax generator and a data- scrolling machine.
The system was developed for the humanities and the arts, which seldom find their way to a binding, irrefutable statement concerning historical documents and monuments. In particular it is the devel-opments and the changes in approach procedures, which frequently appear more thrilling than the objects themselves.

DYABOLA takes the consequences from this consideration by putting the commentary (source) in the nucleus of the database structure, and not the object.

DYABOLA is primarily a complete programme for the administration of libraries, subject catalogues, inventory books, photograph archives and any other form of text and image documents. Consequently the DYABOLA project has started to register bibliographies.
For Classical Archaeology it was logical to digitalise the Realkatalog of the DAI (German Archaeological Institute) in Rome.
The next step to be approached was a subject catalogue of European pre- and early history and the ar-cheology of the Roman provinces in the RGK (Roman-Germanic Commission) in Frankfurt.
In cooperation with the Antiques Collection of the Berlin Museums, and in particular during the preparatory procedure for the publication of the CENSUS database, the aspects of object administration were processed. The so-called semantic network permits structuring of the terminology of the scientific analysis and of the administration.
For purposes of speedy navigation and clear illustration of complex contexts this semantic network is equipped with a so-called syntax generator which permits poly-hierarchical searches, global indication, synonym placement, cross references in all directions, etc.

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