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Forest Science Database
(formerly TREECD and

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Éditeur : CABI Publishing

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Sciences naturelles

Agroalimentaire, agriculture et environnement

Langue : Anglais


The Forest Science Database is the world's leading bibliographic database for forest, wood science and agroforestry research.


Providing access to years of research from all over the world, the Forest Science Database provides an ideal source for foresters, scientists, environmental consultants, policy makers and others actively involved in research or decision-making in agroforestry, forestry, wood science, and the forest and timber industries.

The Forest Science Database includes over 70 years of information on:

  • Agroforestry systems: sociological, cultural and economic aspects
  • Climate change
  • Deforestation
  • Forest ecology
  • Forest economics
  • Forest logging
  • Forest management
  • Land use
  • Non-wood forest products
  • Pests, diseases and pest control
  • Silviculture
  • Social forestry
  • Timber trade and marketing
  • Tree biology
  • Urban forestry
  • Wood products
  • Wood properties


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(formerly TREECD and

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