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Éditeur : Prous Science

Support : CD-Rom

Catégorie :

Pharmacie, pharmacologie

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Factuelle

Nombre de données : Plus de 8 000 schémas synthétique de plus de 5 300 médicaments

Sujet(s) : Schémas synthétiques de médicaments.


The Synthline® Drug Synthesis Database on CD-ROM presents in structure-searchable format the schemes of synthesis for drugs currently on the market or in development worldwide. Each scheme is linked to its original reference citation(s) and to basic information for the end product synthesized. Textual descriptions of the routes of synthesis are linked to many of the schemes.

  • The high-quality chemical information that has made Prous Science a leader in medicinal chemistry information.
  • Structure- and full text-searchable.
  • Search by structure and/or text for intermediates or end products in the schemes of synthesis.
  • Direct browsing of database contents (schemes of synthesis and end product data) without searching.
  • References to synthesis information found in leading publications in the field of medicinal chemistry and in patent literature.
  • Display and print in attractive record or table formats.
  • Save, edit and load personalized lists of records for future reference.

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