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Éditeur : Prous Science

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Pharmacie, pharmacologie

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Texte intégral, image…

Nombre de données : Plus de 140 000 composés bioactives, 335 000 references et 43 000 familles de brevets

Sujet(s) : Recherche et développement pharmaceutique : structures chimiques de médicaments…


Ensemble® on the Web provides essential information, including chemical structures, on more than 140,000 bioactive compounds in the drug research and development pipeline. The database integrates data, text and image management in a user-friendly environment. Ensemble® tracks drugs from their first public mention in the patent literature through preclinical and clinical trials to registration, marketing and beyond.

Information provided for compounds in the Ensemble® database includes: molecular formula; chemical names; company codes; generic names; trademarks; industrial or other sources; licensees; pharmacotherapeutic activity and mechanism(s) of action; development phase; CAS® Registry Number; patent information (titles, inventors, applicants, numbers and publication dates, priority numbers and publication dates); literature references (authors, titles, publications), including references to the Prous Science journals and to the Prous Science Daily Essentials drug news alerting service; and the chemical structure. Coming soon: Detailed pipeline information and product development milestones.

The Development Pipeline shows a compound's current development phase in a given country or area and correlates this information to indication, organization and brand name. Milestones-past and future-are provided (where available) for individual Pipeline entries. Milestones trace the progress of a drug from phase to phase during the development cycle and cite developer forecasts for the timing of future events (e.g., targeted registration and launch dates for compounds currently in development).

  • Comprehensive coverage of drug information through all phases of discovery, development and marketing worldwide.
  • More than 140,000 compounds with demonstrated biological activity, more than 335,000 references to the biomedical and congress literature; more than 43,000 patent families cited.
  • Extensive patent, literature and congress references linked to compounds.
  • Full drug monographs and schemes of synthesis for compounds in later stages of development.
  • User-friendly menu-based interface with practical browse indices for developing targeted search strategies.
  • Query Manager to save and re-use strategies with new releases.
  • Display Statistics feature classifies and ranks data instantaneously to facilitate analysis.

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