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UKOP (UK Official Publications)

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Éditeur : The Stationery Office (TSO)

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Histoire, sciences politiques et actualités

Commerce, économie et gestion

Langue : Anglais


What is UKOP ?

UKOP is the official catalogue of UK official publications. It combines the official catalogue of The Stationery Office with the Catalogue of Official Publications Not Published by the Stationery Office. UKOP is published by TSO (The Stationery Office).

The combination of these catalogues has created the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of bibliographic information on government publications in the UK. UKOP also holds thousands of documents archived in full text.

What does UKOP contain ?

  • UKOP contains over 450,000 bibliographic records of official publications from 1980 onwards.

  • UKOP comprehensively catalogues the publishing output of over 2000 official bodies including :
      - Parliament ;
      - Devolved administrations ;
      - Government departments ;
      - Quangos ;
      - Agencies ;
      - International bodies, including the United Nations and the World Health Organisation.

  • UKOP also contains the full text of thousands of publications :
      - Over 20,000 links to publications available on the Internet ;
      - Over 12,000 full text documents are permanently archived in UKOP ;
      - Around 3,000 key documents are digitised specifically for inclusion in the UKOP archive every year. Categories of publications that are being digitised include :
        *Press releases ;
        * Circular letters ;
        * Factsheets ;
        * Guidance notes ;
        * Consultation papers ;
        * Statistics ;
        * Annual reports ;
        * Inspection reports ;
        * Inquiry reports.

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