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Military and Intelligence Database

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Éditeur : Gale Cengage Learning

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Encyclopédies, ouvrages de référence


Histoire, sciences politiques et actualités

Hygiène, sécurité et toxicologie

Sciences de l'ingénieur

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : texte intégral

Nombre de données : Plus de 500 titres, Plus de 7 000 000 d

Sujet(s) : Armée et gouvernement : histoire militaire, aérospatial et ingienerie


The Military and Intelligence Database periodical list has been hand-selected by Gale editors to meet the content needs of libraries serving military personnel. Additionally, the product includes some basic reference materials that are updated annually: The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia and The World Almanac and Book of Facts. With more than 500 titles and more than 7 million articles (80% full-text), searchers are sure to find answers to their reference questions. And InfoTrac powerful, intuitive interface makes it easy for users to mark, print, and e-mail results.

Military and Intelligence Database features hyperlinks between and even within sources, providing point-and-click navigation to related topics and articles. For instance, you can click on highlighted works within a full-text article from The Columbia Encyclopedia and go right to related articles within the encyclopedia. Many articles also provide links to related sources outside of the current article: reference books, magazine and newswire articles.

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