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Gale Digital Archives

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Éditeur : Gale Cengage Learning

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Encyclopédies, ouvrages de référence


Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Bibliographique et biographique

Sujet(s) : Histoire, littérature, commerce...


Preserving the past is easy with Gale Digital Archives. Thomson Gale has gone beyond leasing -- we're offering permanent ownership of Thomson Gale proprietary archival content. The advantage? Your budget is preserved and protected and the purchased content is yours to keep.

The initial rollout includes archival content from the following collections:

  • Associations Unlimited
  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index
  • Biography Resource Center
  • Contemporary Authors
  • Declassified Document Reference System Digital Archive
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography
  • History Resource Center (US and World)
  • Literature Resource Center
  • The Times Digital Archive
  • Times Literary Supplement Centenary Digital Archive
  • Ward's Business Directory

Gale Digital Archives is a new concept for acquiring content. In essence, a one-time purchase means your library will own archival content through the end of the previous year. Then after the initial archival purchase, an annual update is available for an additional fee.

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