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Marquis Who s Who

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Éditeur : Marquis Who's Who LLC

Support : Internet

Catégorie :

Encyclopédies, ouvrages de référence

Langue : Anglais


Marquis Who's Who on the Web offers you the best of what's available in print, now with so much more! This powerful online database provides up-to-the-minute biographies of leaders and achievers from around the world in the areas of business, law, science, medicine, the arts, government, entertainment and more - in one convenient source !

Perform biographical research faster, easier and with greater accuracy than ever before! A subscription offers you :


  • Over 1.4 million biographies - larger than any database of its kind !

  • Daily updates and new bios added daily

  • Simple, targeted searching by name or up to 15 different criteria

  • Extremely easy-to-use interface

  • Comprehensive biographies, including birth and death information, family history, education and degrees, career history, creative works, awards, memberships, and more - all easily searchable

  • Access to both U.S. and International 'movers and shakers' from every field of endeavor


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