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Crop Science Database (CROPCD)

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Éditeur : CABI Publishing

Support : Internet

Catégories :

Agroalimentaire, agriculture et environnement

Sciences naturelles

Langue : Anglais

Type de ressource : Bibliographique avec des résumés

Nombre de données : Plus de 700 000

Sujet(s) : Phytotechnie : culture des champs, aliments fourrage, botanique, physiologie, biochimie, production des champs, système des fermiers? Céréales, légumes, tabac...


The Crop Science Database (formerly known as CROPCD) provides access to international scientific literature relating to field crops, fodder crops, and grasslands. It covers such diverse subject areas as agronomy, botany, physiology, biochemistry, field production, farming systems, and more. Cereals, legumes, root crops, fibre plants, oilseed plants, tobacco, sugarcane and other items are covered in detail.
Compiled by subject specialists at CABI Publishing, the Crop Science Database contains more than 700,000 abstracts and citations, with 25,000 records added annually. Containing over 30 years of research from over 75 countries it provides an ideal source for professionals and students requiring an international perspective on the wealth of information available on crops.
The Crop Science Database is available on CD-ROM (updated quarterly) and on the Internet. It utilizes the popular SilverPlatter Information Retrieval System (SPIRS), providing the tools needed to obtain accurate and comprehensive search results.

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